Most common things that get stuck in gutters

The whole idea of roofs and gutters is relatively simple. The roof will have a slope, even if only a very slight one, to move water into the guttering. It will then flow to the downspouts to move away from the building. However, debris and other items can stop this from happening. As the top name for gutter cleaning in Woking, we know about all the things that can get stuck here. We want to have a quick look at the main ones.


We want to start off with the most surprising one. It is more common than you would think to find toys in the gutters. It could be balls thrown there by accident or things that were left out when it was windy. Sometimes birds can even pick up small ones.

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Pieces of the roof

Roof materials are designed to be durable, but they won’t last forever. In time pieces can break and end up in the gutter. This could be parts of tiles or shingles, or even concrete from ridges. If there is heavy weather such as a big storm or lots of snow, it can also damage the roofing, sending pieces into the gutters.


Spring is a wonderful time of year, especially with trees full of rose, cherry, blackthorn, and other blossom. The sad part is the blossoms can get in your gutters, especially when there is some wind.

Leaves, needles, and cones

Blossom isn’t the only tree material you can find in gutters. In autumn many will get full of leaves. Needles are another common sight. Cones are probably the worst though because a single one stuck in the middle of a gutter can massively restrict it.


Gutters are a common spot for nesting because they offer shelter from many predators. That is why so many birds choose them. Bees and wasps also occasionally nest in guttering.

Living plants

Finally, we have the most common find. Roofs are a popular spot for moss, algae, and other growths. They can eventually make their way into the gutters. This either happens because they grow so much they end up reaching them, or they dry out and a downpour washes them into the gutter. Once they get there, they can start growing. You can even find things like grass and other plants growing in gutters.

Do you need gutter cleaning in Woking?

All of these common things can block your gutters and cause huge problems for your property. So, it is better to get a professional service to clean them. It should include clearing out any debris inside the guttering. Then, you probably also want to wash the exterior to get rid of marks and dirt. We can take care of both for you, offering exceptional results.

You can contact us if you have any questions about gutter cleaning in Woking or if you want a quote. Our prices are competitive and we have a great reputation in the area.