Guidance on maintaining flat roofs

There is still beauty hiding somewhere on that old roof. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of hard work to see it once again. This is where our talents lie. Ours is the leading business offering roof cleaning Chobham has available. The methods we use are gentler than others. However, they produce the results you need.

Roof cleaning ChobhamThere is always a risk with spaces or objects that remain out of sight and mind. We can also say the same about the roofs over our heads. It is well worth your time to care for this area properly though. This includes carrying out inspections to check whether there are any minor issues. These are the kind that can become more of a headache later on.

Owners of flat roofs might not know how to look after everything. Fortunately, we have a small guide below that covers many of the essential details.

Stick to a schedule

What you need to do to take full advantage of a flat roof is stick to a maintenance schedule. None of the roofs you have seen shall endure indefinitely. No matter the pitch or size, it is always wise to perform checks. This will help you to repair damages in a timely manner. As a result, your bills won’t be as big. If you need any professional help, contact the greatest business for roof cleaning Chobham has.

One part of the schedule should be to conduct checks every 6 months. Inspect your property twice a year. Look out for the changes that happen because of season shifts. It should not be too difficult to find smaller problems before they are able to become bigger ones. Afterwards, you can consider doing any repairs to keep the roof in excellent condition.

Removing debris

Debris removal needs to be somewhere in your schedule as well. Dirt, twigs, and leaves are always going to accumulate on a flat roof. The time of year is irrelevant. Whatever you do, don’t allow any of this to gather to the point where it starts producing water pooling and blocking gutters. Clean out any drainage systems to enable the water to flow freely when the weather gets bad.


Remember to take care of the surrounding foliage too. Certain properties are quite close to trees. This increases the chances of debris falling onto your roof. When possible, cut and trim them down. This way, you can reduce the amount of times you have to go up there to remove the twigs and leaves.

Look inside as well

Interior inspections are also critical here. Have a look at the ceiling and watch out for the spread of damp and rising moisture. There may have been some water damage that has found its way in from outside. Neglecting this task will find you dealing with far worse complications later.

Arrange roof cleaning in Chobham

At Premier Roof Clean, we give every property the attention it requires. Our preference is to do things by hand. Such a strategy avoids the issues that occur with pressure washers. With the addition of our biocide, it leads to longer lasting results too.

If you wish to work with the best company for roof cleaning Chobham has, please speak to us. You can tell us about the condition of your roof and we will offer advice.