Ensure water can flow away from your property effectively

Pitched roofing is very common in the UK, especially on residential properties. The style is so popular because of the amount of rain the region receives. Sloped roofs are effective at redirecting the water quickly away from the building to drains. This is important because the longer the water stays close to the property the more damage it can cause.

The main function of a pitched roof is to redirect the water into guttering so it can be transferred to the drainpipe and away from the building. It is important that the roofing and gutters remain clean and free of obstacles so that the flows aren’t disrupted and slowed. Unfortunately a number of things can cause this to happen including debris on the roof and the presence of moss, algae and lichen.

The organic matter on the roof can result in much slower flows and moss will even absorb some of the moisture and keep it on the surface. If the mosses, lichens and algae are allowed to grow freely they will spread across the whole roof and may even fall off into the guttering. This causes even more disruptions to the flows and can ultimately result in water damaging the property.

Keeping the roof and guttering clean is essential but the job should only be done by a trained professional to ensure they are safe and the surface is cared for. It is always better to arrange for an experienced cleaner to take on the job and provide a first rate service than try to tackle it yourself.

As one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Surrey, we understand how much of a problem moss, algae and lichen can be on pitched roofing. Our services help clients keep the surface and the guttering clean and functioning efficiently. Our roof cleaners are highly trained so you can rely on them to do a great job. We only clean roofs by hand and use our extensive experience to ensure that we work carefully at all times.