Don’t let moss and algae harm the value of your home

If you find that the image of your house has become affected by moss or algae on the roof you need to take action. The problem could potentially lead prospective buyers to look elsewhere, harming the interest you receive. It could even result in damage to the structure. Fortunately our roof cleaners can remove the organic matter while taking steps to prevent further damage in the future, leaving a clean, attractive surface.

The problem with many cleaning services is that they tend to use pressure washing methods that damage your roof. We are different though and use special hands-on tactics while cleaning your property. When cleaning your roof we first remove the moss manually and gently in order to prevent further damage to the tiles. Afterwards we spray our special biocide to prevent immediate re-emergence.

A main concern with moss build-up on roofs is that it can cause damage to the surface. If you allow large patches to grow they can hold water against the roof. This causes the roofing materials to wear much faster than they should. The tiles can be torn apart too if the water trapped by the moss freezes. The quicker you have the material removed, the less likely it will be an issue.

The appearance of your house may not be that important to you for the time being, but if you are looking to sell your property the condition of both inside and outside is paramount to securing a deal. We can help you to improve the latter.

With our expert team handling our wide range of specialist services, we are committed to providing the best results possible. If you find yourself concerned with the mass build-up of moss or are just looking to spruce up your property, then we are the number one choice for all of your needs. Please contact us today to arrange a cleaning service you can rely on.