Dead algae is a mere cosmetic threat

You might be used to seeing companies using pressure washers when dealing with dirty roofs, but we like to do things differently around here. Instead of using harmful methods like the aforementioned, we opt to do everything by hand, applying a special biocide afterwards to make the results long lasting. As one of the top places for roof cleaning Surrey has available, we are the business to call when your rooftop is in dire need of attention.

There are countless individuals who are more than aware of the black stains that manifest on their roofs. Those whose rooftops are suffering with the staining tend to enquire as to what it is exactly and if it is are detrimental to the property. This type of “roof mould” is dead algae in actuality. This variety of algae shows up on the northern side of roofs due to the fact that they don’t get much sunlight. Without the sun, they stay damper for longer.

The big question here is if these black stains can harm your roof. The answer is not really. What is meant by this is that the algae only feed off the limestone that lies within the asphalt shingles. This doesn’t actually ruin the shingles however; the black stains are more a cosmetic issue than anything else.

To remove the stains from your rooftop the appropriate cleaning solutions shall be required. Before making the decision to tackle the stains yourself though, you should consult a professional. In addition, pressure washers have to be avoided at all costs. If you use one, chances are that you won’t qualify for your roof’s warranty anymore.

At Premier Roof Clean the highly skilled team that we employ not only comes equipped with the latest equipment, but also £1 million in public liability insurance cover. Aside from roofs, we are also rather adept at cleaning gutters, patios and driveways, making ours quite the comprehensive service.

If you require assistance with your own roof, be sure to contact us. We are sure you will soon see why we are the best for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer.