Algae only serves to worsen your allergies

Of all the Surrey roof cleaners available, none have gone further to satisfy their customers than we have. You may not have had the most pleasant of experiences with individuals from our industry in the past, but we assure you that everything is quite different here. We prefer a manual approach to the more forceful pressure washing one. Therefore, not only do we leave you with fantastic results, but we also do so without damaging your property.

For those who suffer from allergies, the spring and summer seasons are typically the worst. However, one fact you might not be aware of is that the untreated algae resting on your roof can actually influence your aversions. Not only this, but they can make them worse too. What we intend to do here is discuss algae, and the issues it leads to for both you and your roof.

Once algae start to settle on a rooftop, it doesn’t simply develop all over the facet and stop there. It persists even further and begins to dig below the very shingles themselves. The outcome of this is that your roof will end up being crucially defiled. To both clean the roof and halt recontamination, the algae on the exterior and its roots underneath shall both need removing.

Next, we are going to move onto the health problems. An alga that’s made its home on your rooftop has the ability to unleash spores into the home environment. Such a process is capable of aggravating even the most lenient of allergies. Rain and wind just add to the situation, as they not only transport spores, but also dust and similar allergens, none of which will make your day great.

At Premier Roof Clean, in addition to clearing your roof of all debris, we also sterilise it with a little assistance from our biocide treatment. Said treatment is designed to deal with all the hidden algae and moss so nothing will be left behind. Surrey roof cleaners don’t come any better than us.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please contact our team.