A dirty roof is less efficient

The sun warms up properties when it shines on them because the building materials absorb the heat and filter it inside. In the warmest climates this can cause a lot of problems for people, leaving them reliant on air conditioning to keep cool. One thing they can do is choose a reflective roof. A light coloured paint or tile can deflect more heat back rather than absorbing it. This keeps the property cooler.

The downside with a light, reflective roof is dirt and debris will dramatically reduce how efficient it is. When it is dirty it won’t do its job very well. As a result it is important to keep the surface clean. As the top roof cleaners Surrey has, we are in the perfect position to help local residents.

Energy efficiency

Moss and algae are particularly detrimental to reflective roofs. The organic growths spread across the surface and prevent it from reflecting the sunlight. In the hot months they can act as a further layer of insulation that will retain more heat.

Roof mosses and algae are even more problematic in wet months. They will retain water, ensuring it stays on the surface for longer and makes the roof really cold. As a result the inhabitants may need to spend even more to heat their property up. If that wasn’t bad enough the water retention can result in further staining and make the surface even less effective at reflecting heat in the hotter months.


It is good practice to keep the roof as clean as possible. Getting rid of algae and moss is very wise but it should always be done by a professional team. Keep in mind that a poor service could damage the roofing materials and the reflective coating, especially if it is a membrane. What you need is a reliable gentle service from experienced cleaners. We provide just that.

We put all of our effort into being the top roof cleaners Surrey has. Our team have the best training and access to the right equipment. We will inspect the roofing to determine the best course of action and the best tools for the job.

If you would like to discuss your roofing with us, especially if you are worried about moss and algae harming the efficiency, contact us.