Roof Cleaning Godalming

The team here at Premier Roof Clean works hard to satisfy all the needs of its customers. People consider us the foremost establishment working in roof cleaning Godalming has, and this is one of the reasons why. To guarantee outstanding results, we also provide gutter cleaning.

Eventually, everyone feels the need to undertake the massive annual clean of their home. However, there are those who focus solely on the interior. What you must remember here is that it is vital for you to not neglect what is undoubtedly the most crucial element of your property. We are talking about the thing that protects you from the weather; the roof. Whenever it requires a clean, you should call us. We have the tools and experience necessary to give it the right amount of attention.

We prioritise safety

Before performing any roof cleaning or gutter work however, it is important to think about safety. Cleaning the inside of the home and working on the roofing are two completely different tasks. With the latter, there are various hidden dangers. There is the potential for serious harm if the people on the roof fail to follow the correct health and safety guidelines. When we clean a roof in Godalming or anywhere else, we always follow these.

Our people also wear the proper clothing whilst on the job. Protective gear like face masks, goggles, and safety gloves are essential. It is the same with sturdy footwear that has excellent gripping ability.

We will have a look at those gutters for you

While we are on the roof cleaning debris and organic growths like moss and algae, we can attend to the gutters too. The purpose of these systems is to move water away from the house. However, they cannot do this if there is a blockage. In the autumn and winter, they can catch all kinds of debris, including dead leaves. This is what causes blockages.

Roof Cleaning Godalming

Premier Roof Clean

If you leave the blockages alone, your gutters could collapse. Overflowing is another potential issue, one that can cause big problems. For example, it could result in more water around the foundations. This could potentially damage them or seep into the walls. We can help you avoid all of these issues by clearing your gutters of debris.

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Those who require assistance from the best team for roof cleaning Godalming has are free to contact us by phone using the number 07599 617675. You are welcome to send us an email too if you would prefer. The address is