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Premier Roof Clean works hard to help people with maintaining their properties. When it comes to roof cleaning Farnham residents have no other company they can trust more to handle the job. If you’re not happy with the state of your structure, then you should consider working with us.

What are those black streaks I keep finding?

The ugly black streaks and dark spots you find on the roof might seem like mould, soot, dirt, or mildew. In reality, what you’re looking at is algae. The most common kind is gloeocapsa magma, which is also called blue green algae. Normally, the growth starts as small spots. Eventually, they transform into visible streaks.

The algae seems black because gloeocapsa has the capacity to create a protective darkly pigmented exterior shell. This defends it against harmful UV rays. All of this is what results in those unsightly black streaks on the roof. The streaking tends to show up the most on asphalt shingles.

Why is algae more common on shingles?

Some people may have noticed that roof algae is more common today than it was two decades ago. In the past, shingles were primarily asphalt and felt. The former is an oil-based product. To save money, most shingle manufacturers began using fillers that include crushed limestone and fibreglass. Both encourage algae growth.

How dangerous is algae?

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Alone, roof algae is not very dangerous. Once enough time passes though, the algae can cause the protective granules on the shingles to loosen. Ultimately, they will dry out and become brittle. As a result, they can crack or fail sooner, allowing water to leak into the roof. A surface covered in algae can also become very attractive to lichen, another organic growth that is even harder to remove.

If you notice any black streaks on your own roof, you should get in touch with us right away. We focus on providing long term roof cleaning solutions that last for years. The special biocide treatment we use aids us greatly in keeping the roof in good shape for longer.

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In addition to roofs, our team can also offer patio, driveway and gutter cleaning all across Farnham. With us, you get a single service that can make everything look great.

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