Roof Cleaning Alton

One thing you may not have done much recently is pay enough attention to your roof. If this is true, then you will want to have a professional look at it the next chance you get. We can help, offering the best roof cleaning Alton has. We can give you results that last and use methods that won’t damage the roofing.

Cleaning by hand

Roof Cleaning Alton

Premier Roof Clean

Our speciality is removing moss, algae, lichen, dirt and debris using our hands. Then, we introduce an environmentally friendly inhibitor to prevent any growths from coming back straight away.

You might have had roof cleaning services previously that have left a bad taste in your mouth. The cleaners may have not been careful with your roof or have used a pressure washer to deal with everything. The problem with the latter is that it is not a long term solution and it could cause damage. Our services are more reliable and we always look after the surface.

There is beauty beneath that dirt

Another potential issue with abrasive techniques is they may not effectively clean the surface. However, with our manual process, we reveal the beauty that is underneath all that dirt. We also kill off all the moss and micro-algae that aren’t easily detectable with the human eye. The top name for roof cleaning Alton has will attend to all your needs.

Gutter cleaning

gutter cleaning AltonRoof cleaning is vital, but it is not our sole area of expertise here. We offer gutter cleaning assistance as well. That means we can clean and clear your guttering to ensure water can flow easily away from your property.

Pick our service and we will take care of all those leaves and pine needles as well as the silt and soil. While we are at it, we can install some balloon caps to stop future blockages.

Once everything is out of the gutters, we will get to cleaning the system. This shall restore the gutter to the state it was when first installed. Like with the roofs, we are very hands on here, and we use a detergent wash for excellent results.

Are your drives and patios dirty too?

Last but not least, we provide drive and patio cleaning. We will leave your drives and patios looking just like new. We will get to work on your wooden decking too. Expect us to transform any tired-looking wood, re-sand your patio, and eradicate your drive of staining and algae.

Get the best roof cleaning in Alton

Premier Roof Clean has up to £2million in public liability insurance in addition to £10million in employers’ liability insurance. Put this together with everything we said above, and what you are left with is peace of mind when you do business with us.

We are not just limited to residential properties either; we often work at commercial sites. Our team can effectively clean any size roof and all of the guttering.

The next time they need roof cleaning Alton customers have nobody better to work with. Give us a call at 07599 617675 for a great service. We can give you a quote and book the perfect time slot for you.