Roof Cleaning Leatherhead

Premier Roof Clean is a company that assists people who are dissatisfied with the current state of their roofing. As the best establishment for roof cleaning Leatherhead has, we do everything in our power to restore the appearance of every surface. We make such a difference that you may not even believe that it is the same rooftop.

Extend the life of your roof

Suitable roof maintenance is able to prolong your roof’s life and potentially save you thousands of pounds in the future. With cleaning, you can halt the decay of materials and make them more functional. Our team members have the training to clean your property correctly and ensure that it lasts as long as it possibly can be.

Leave the cleaning to us

The actual roof cleaning procedure isn’t the easiest one to complete. It is easy to miss traces of dirt or organic growths. If you do this, you could find issues again in the near future. There is also the risk that you could damage the roofing materials. With this in mind, you should leave things to us. We only use the right products, including our Algo biocide treatment. In addition to not harming your roof, it allows our efforts to be long lasting.

The trouble with algae

If there is currently algae on your roof, it is most certainly having a negative effect on it. This is more than an aesthetic one however. The truth is that algae live and feed off the shingles on your roof. Specifically, they go after the limestone filler. It may not be a direct danger, but the growths are taking years away from your roof’s lifespan. You cannot ignore this problem. We have experience dealing with the issue so leave the task to us if you find it developing at all.

An investment that is worth making

Roof Cleaning Leatherhead

Premier Roof Clean

There are homeowners in Leatherhead and beyond who research roof cleaning services and wonder whether they are worth the investment. Paying us to clean your roof is considerably cheaper than a complete replacement. Considering the amount you would need to spend in order to repair or replace the roof, frequent services undoubtedly the more cost-effective approach. We can also offer patio, drive, and gutter cleaning too.

Speak to us about the roof cleaning Leatherhead trusts

One thing that makes our business stand out in particular is the fact that we remove all the debris manually. After we get rid of as much as we can, we introduce our biocide treatment to your roof to finish things off. We don’t depend on pressure washers since they can do more harm than good.

To contact the best team for roof cleaning Leatherhead has, you can send an email to the address You can also phone us using the number 07599 617675.