Roof Cleaning Egham

When people want the finest roof cleaning Egham has to offer, they speak to the team at Premier Roof Clean. We have an extensive history of providing first-rate services to clients. We aim to come up with non-destructive, long-term solutions that are very beneficial to your home.

Always keep roof cleaning in mind

The one thing many homeowners have in common is that roof cleaning probably doesn’t cross their minds very often. Such an approach is a big mistake because frequent roof maintenance is vital to your structure’s condition. As such, we remind all of our clients to create some kind of cleaning plan to prevent any disaster. We also attend to the roofs when they require attention.

We can restore the colour

With a thorough clean, we can restore the colour to your shingles and tiles. They will look brand new by the time we are done with them. However, cleaning moss, algae, water stains, soot stains, and similar residue can reveal water-damaged or worn sections as well. These may require repair.

Easier surveys

Roof cleaning does something else too; it allows surveying the surface. As a result, we will be able to look for areas with any kind of damage. If there are any, we shall inform you straight away. It is best to replace them the first chance you get to avoid water leaks and issues such as mould growth.

Your roof will look as good as new

Our work shall make your roof look like it is fresh and new. However, our gutter cleaning service in Egham is equally crucial. Debris can clog your gutters after all. In this state, rainwater can spill over the sides, run down the outside walls, and pool near the foundation. Therefore, you should also have us clean the gutters if they need attending to.

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Roof Cleaning Egham

Premier Roof Clean

When you see the results for yourself, you will be happy that you chose to work with Premier Roof Clean. In addition to being efficient, we operate safely. We also use a special biocide that will get rid of small traces of organic growths and protect the surface for several months.

Contact us today using the number 07599 617675 if you want the best roof cleaning Egham has to offer. Alternatively, you are free to send an email to We are happy to arrange a consultation and quote if you want a better idea of how cost effective our services are.