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Premier Roof Clean is a business with a reputation that is nothing short of spectacular. People who hire us consider our team to be the top one specialising in roof cleaning Basingstoke has. The sheer scope of our services, in addition to the affordability and overall quality, is what has earned us our position.

Why opt for roof cleaning?

There are all sorts of reasons why you should be frequently cleaning the roof. Any roofing that you fail to clean will end up looking unsightly and filthy. As well as influencing property values, this is going to anger a fair number of HOAs.

Dirty roofs that are left alone shall eventually suffer damage due to debris and excessive organic growth. This will result in the leaks and structural damage. Roofs in this state also have a habit of turning into an insurance liability. In certain instances, the insurer shall mandate roof cleaning as a requirement for a policy. We can help you avoid all this trouble by giving your roofing the clean it deserves.

The most important reason for cleaning the roof

A few of the reasons above will resonate with you while others may not. However, the leading reason for cleaning the surface is something no one can really argue against. This would be that preserving it safeguards the investment you made originally. It prolongs the roof’s life and lessens the demand for a replacement. Calling us is the easiest way to keep your roof intact.

The problems with replacements

The main reason why you want to avoid a roof replacement is that it is expensive. You could expect to pay a few thousand pounds for the new roofing. The work is also disruptive to the neighbourhood and the rest of your family. Those roofs that demand a replacement can put everyone inside the property and their possessions at risk too. It is more cost effective to speak to the top provider of roof cleaning Basingstoke has.

Algae, lichen, and moss are troublesome

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The primary culprits responsible for roofs being in a bad state are moss, lichen, and algae. With algae, one of the most problematic and common kinds would be gloeocapsa magma. It is a bacterium that feeds off limestone and asphalt shingles. As for moss, this is a dark green growth with roots that can reach into your shingles and harm them. Finally, lichen is a mixture of fungus and algae. It is acidic and is capable of penetrating and harming your roof shingles.

Luckily, we have experience with all three and can therefore deal with them efficiently. As the best team for roof cleaning Basingstoke has, you can trust us to resolve the issue without harming the surface.

If you ever find yourself in need of our help, feel free to contact us. Our number is 07599 617675. For emails, the address is